The Director: Christopher Coppola

Christopher Coppola, President of PlasterCITY Productions Inc., has been a champion of and leader in digital media for over a decade.  Since 1987, he has directed nine feature films, numerous television shows and developed and produced content for alternative distribution and interactive platforms.  His production company, PlasterCITY Productions Inc., is producing a slate of sixteen low-budget genre “digiflicks.”

In 2006, he created Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH), a non-profit digital film festival designed to reach the “everyday person.”  PAH  educates people in the use of digital media while encouraging them to express themselves artistically. To date, sixty-two digital media festivals, called PAH-FESTs, have been held across the U.S. and abroad.

Christopher is currently the head of the film program at the San Francisco Art Institute and was recently reappointed by Governor Jerry Brown to a second term on the California Arts Council.  A member of the prolific Coppola family, Christopher is in the Screen Actors Guild as well as the Directors Guild of America where he serves on the Independent Directors Committee.

Christopher Coppola on SACRED BLOOD: From the Vine to the Vein

“Sacred Blood” is my tragic vampire opera.  I’ve always wanted to make a cinematic opera with no singing.  The curse of being a vampire feels very operatic to me.  The story is full of damaged characters.  We shot a lot in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. The underbelly of the city is another one of characters in the movie.

We had an excellent script but I wanted to go Cassavettes with this film, giving the actors  a lot freedom to improvise and make the characters their own.  There is a rawness that comes out in their performances that adds to the operatic feel.

My first feature film was the campy “Dracula’s Widow”.  Dino DeLaurantiis asked me to make it when I was 25.  I like that 28 years later, as a middle aged man, I am telling a  different type of vampire story, a more serious, kind of a Leaving Las Vegas vampire flick.

“It’s all about the opera.”  Christopher Coppola, director “Sacred Blood”

Christopher Coppola on THE SLATE

It has been a long time goal for me to do a slate of low budget films through my independent film company PlasterCITY Productions Inc. “Sacred Blood” is the first of a sixteen picture slate we’ll be making.  The second film, “Torch,” a psychological-supernatural jungle thriller, is currently in production. I’m bringing back the Roger Corman old school style of studio and giving first timers a shot while putting old timers back in the saddle.  I am the head of the film program at my alma mater, the San Francisco Art Institute, where I also teach and I am able to give my hardworking “special forces” film students a chance to learn on the job as paid interns working alongside industry professionals.  I am a Coppola that loves combining education with entertainment. It is a way for me to honor my father, August Coppola, and the impact he had as an educator at San Francisco State as well as my uncle, Francis.  San Francisco has always been a major part of my life and I’m excited to have my production company here and to be bringing more independent film production to the Bay Area.