Sacred Blood

From the Vine to the Vein

Christopher Coppola’s tragic vampire opera.

For Natia, firing bullets at her sister’s head and narrowly missing is all in a days work.  After taking over the family business, her sharp shooting act is the only thing keeping the declining Orbeliani Circus afloat.  When a stranger and his dog drifts into her home town of Batumi, Georgia from the Black Sea, peddling his own act, Natia wonders if a change of fortune is finally on the horizon.  As the circus’s prospects begin to rise so do suspicions that the stranger is not who he seems.  A fateful interaction forces changes upon Natia and she must leave her family to protect them from what she is becoming.  Soon, she is traveling to a different city-by-the-bay, San Francisco, where confrontation and opportunity release a violent darkness rooting within her.  Fighting against her loneliness  and the rules of this new world, she is befriended by a troubled young artist with an innocent soul.  Will this tenuous love lead her out of the darkness? Or, are they merely two halves of a broken whole?

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The Director: Christopher Coppola

The Cast

“Sacred Blood” by Venrez.  The music video.